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At WeGift, we help consumer-centric enterprises like Vodafone, E.ON, Sky and uSwitch recognise, retain and reimburse the people they care about via digital payouts and gift cards.

One of my core responsibilities while working with WeGift was revamping the visual language and payout experience for the end user, specifically for receiving digital gift cards as a form of reward.

I worked closely with the Product Manager, Chief Product Officer and Engineering Lead in order to define goals, analyse all available data and understand existing frustrations from users. During an initial assessment of the experience, we concluded that the previous payout flow was confusing, caused trust/legitimacy issues and was missing a sense of delight.

Working around these core issues, we built a completely new, mobile-first consumer payout experience that focused predominantly on trust, clarity and transparency, while at the same time being engaging and delightful for end users.