Enabling consumers to receive, manage and spend any type of digital currency
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I worked with the Runa team to design a modern digital asset wallet and payment experience for consumers.

Runa helps some of the world’s leading businesses scale their payout, incentive and reward infrastructures.


Rather than receiving a gift card that offers no flexibility, Runa allows businesses to send their audience a modern type of value that can be converted to different types of digital currency, including gift cards, subscriptions, cryptocurrency, VISA Prepaid cards, even stocks and shares.

The previous version of the Runa wallet suffered from a number of issues.

  • Overall user satisfaction was poor
  • There was a bit of confusion as to how it works
  • There was a lot of friction in choosing digital currency and spending it

We worked closely with customer success, product managers and engineers to completely rethink the Wallet architecture and user experience, in order to provide the end users with an experience that is intuitive, frictionless and highly delightful.